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 Miyoko Sato, biography

After commencing violin studies at the SUZUKI school, MIYOKO SATO continued at Tokyo's National University of Art and Music.

Winning the attention of Gabriel BOUILLON, she was awarded a grant by the French government, to join the class of Gabriel Bouillon at the Conservatoire Nationale Superieure de Musique at Paris. Here she was awarded unanimously the "premier prix, premiere nommée".

This was followed by the "Prix de Musique de Chambre 'Professionels'", after studying chamber music with Jacques FEVRIER and Joseph CALVET.

Back in Tokyo she perfected her studies with Ferdinand LICHNEWSKY, focussing on musical pedagogy.

Miyoko Sato

Miyoko Sato started an international career as soloist:


First performances and compositions:

Tours for international cultural exchange:

Professor for violin and chamber music:


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